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25 February 2020

Стеклопластиковая, композитная арматура от производителя

Tashkent | Created: 12 September 2019, number: 83

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    Fiberglass reinforcement is one of the most popular and modern building materials, widely known in many parts of the world. Such popularity is explained by the fact that fiberglass has a number of advantages in comparison with metal fittings. As many people know from their own experience, metal reinforcement is very heavy, which requires a greater expenditure of effort and time during its installation. In addition, it is susceptible to corrosion, which may ultimately lead to premature destruction of the concrete structure. In turn, fiberglass reinforcement is a lighter and more resistant to chemical attack material, so it is more profitable to use it in construction, which is proved by reviews of fiberglass, composite reinforcement.